DigitalOcean Hsinhu

opensource, cloud, DevOps

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DigitalOcean Hsinchu 是由一群經常交流自由與開放原始碼專案、雲端運算、網路技術、專案開發、DevOps、伺服器維運等相關主題的朋友以及 DigitalOcean 共同成立的技術交流社團。 我們預計每一到兩個月會舉辦一次技術分享或是讀書會,歡迎大家一起挑選我們每次的主題並參與分享! 有興趣和我們一起協辦活動嗎?歡迎跟我們聯絡!如果你正在開發或維護有趣、好玩的專案,也都歡迎帶來介紹給大家!
We are a new local technology meetup group located at Hsinchu city, organized by tech lovers and DigitalOcean! We are interested in various open source, Liunx, cloud computing, DevOps, web development and network related topics, would like to study, share the knowledge with you together, welcome to join us, share your experience and suggestion, organize the future meetup and topic with us!


DigitalOcean Hsichu x Golang TW Meetup

Golang, Locks, Go module, Bash

擁抱網路, Kubernetes-based Project 與 Podman x 感恩回饋 open source 季

Kubernetes, Podman, DigitalOcean

Learning P4 from Examples

P4, SDN, DigitalOcean

Front-end and Back-end: Infinity Love

Pug, Sass, DigitalOcean

Ansible with DigitalOcean

container, Ansible, DigitalOcean

Kata Container introduction


How CryptoCurrency Transaction Works


Let's talk about open source & an aggregation tool- TGmeetup


Open Source Ecosystem on Chinese Information Processing & 24 PRs Mini Hackathon

Linux, opensource

輕量級自動化部署工具 Drone

CI, Drone

Ansible & GitLab CI Workshop

Ansible, GitLab, CI

DigitalOcean & GitHub Hacktoberfest meetup


DevOps with Windows Container and Open Networking

container, network, DevOps

Relationship between Encryption CVE and New Technical Implementation

CVE, encryption, security


Microservice, opensource

DigitalOcean Hsinchu meets Gitea, HackMD, and Kubernetes

Kubernetes, HackMD, Gitea, Terraform

DigitalOcean Hsinchu's first meetup

cloud, XenServer, security, Linux, CDNJS, VPS, Fail2ban